Wednesday, December 31

so long, farewell

It's morning and I'm in a dangerous mood! I can't believe this year is done with. Thank God! 2008 was atrocious for me and I'm just happy I have a chance to start over. I'm probably gonna drink.... a lot.... beer, champagne, whatever comes my way.

Nothing sucks more than realizing you haven't grown or achieved anything special in 12 months. That's exactly how I feel, I've been thinking about what to write and went blank. Face it Jane, not much went well this year.

Best moment 2008: Falling in love
Worst moment 2008: Realizing we could and would never be truly together

It's funny, I still love this guy. Madly. I guess it just wasn't in the stars - or whatever people believe in these days. I'll post about him some time in the future, it's worth the discussion. Love truly is the best and worst thing on this planet.

Achievement: Starting my book (Confessions of a Lost Cause)
Letdown: Dealing with my father's new kids - two accomplished assholes

I'm not sure what to do tonight. I don't want to kiss someone. In usual time I'd just grab a hot dude and make out with him but I want to start this year good and proper. Do things the right way for once. I'm hoping 2009 will bring a sense of accomplishment in my life. I want to do something that matters, maybe finish my book and learn to cook. I am the worst cook.

Cheers folks, have a wonderful new year. Make this one count.


  1. Happy new year!
    The title (Confessions of a Lost Cause) sounds really good!

  2. I wish you the best of luck with your book sweety!

    I know way too well how hard it is to go through with such a thing...


  3. Jo: Happy new year to you to:) This will sound completely weird but the title came to me while I was dreaming. Talk about dramatic revelation LMFAO

    P: Thank you so much, luck is what I need! :) Writing... can be so damn frustrating but when it works and all the thoughts hold hands with words... nothing else matters

  4. Lol. Love is the best and worst thing on this planet.