Saturday, February 21

we found the idiot

My father wants a paternity test for all of us. He wants to justify to his friends and his stupid fucking wife why he divorced my mother and now he wants a paternity test...

The fucker...

He left my mother an email yesterday night with the information... my mother was beside herself, so she should be... What is his problem? I look like him, everyone knows that. We ALL look like him! It costs 650$... there's like a medical test and something to be done at home...

What's my little brother gonna think? He idolizes my father like he's King of the world and now THIS?!!

I'm about to punch a wall... so so fucking angry right now. A paternity test after 20 years? What the fuck are you thinking man? What is your fucking problem? Stupid jackass.

Whatever love there was left in me for him, it's gone.

All gone.

And it's not coming back FUCKER.

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