Sunday, January 11

sign of the heavenly disturbed

The Jehovah Witness are still strong and running...

Nice folks... nice nice folks... annoying as fuck though when they knock on your door on Saturday mornings to give you the "good news", handing little magazines and singing traditional tunes.

I stopped being religious a while back. It seemed like the time was right... I couldn't handle some of the people at church (a bunch of hypocrite mental cases) and the overbearing criticism. I'm not very good with criticism... not very... I mean if it's constructive and am given reasons to believe that I could improve in some field, then that's completely fine. But don't tell me to be "receptive to the needs of (my) brothers and sisters in religion". Don't tell me that! What the fuck am I supposed to do with such a philosophical crap of a suggestion?

People have such ways to piss me off.

But then... if religion doesn't work, where do I look for inner peace? Yoga? That didn't work. Writing helps very temporarily...

Where are all the answers?


  1. Hahaha guess who knocked on MY door Sunday? Dun dun dun...
    I actually turn to music when I can't take it anymore... or in any other circumstance. Music is a good chunk of my life.

  2. AH. Aren't they lovely!

    Let them come in for coffee and try to convert them to Satanism or something AHAHAHAH They'll leave you alone. Trust me. lol

  3. You have been mentioned on a post of mine :P

  4. JoJO: I like music a lot but I'm very visual, as in I'd rather analyze a painting then a musical piece. I can't go to sleep without my ipod though.

    P: HAHAHA I actually laughed at loud when I read your comment. "Come in, we're about to cut our wrists and share our blood. We'll then be all brothers and sisters". Theyd' NEVER come back, I'd be on the red list or something.

    Thanks for the top 10!